Sunday, 14 September 2008

Police Authority 'Efficiency Savings' in North Yorkshire

Following the debate concerning the funding of the police speed gun I submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 with the North Yorkshire Police.

My reasons for this FOI request was to find out how much the Police Authority had 'saved' over the past 5 years in North Yorkshire.

The request was simply to ask for details of any financial efficiency savings North Yorkshire Police has delivered since 2003?

If the Police Authority were making 'efficiency savings' then why should any other Authority or Council provide funding for police equipment and resources?

The response from North Yorkshire Police was as follows:

If the North Yorkshire Police are making savings of £5.02 million why are we paying so much in Council Tax? Why aren't these 'savings' being passed onto the ratepayer?

So what would £5.02m buy?

It would finance166 extra Police Officers on £30,000pa for the taxpayer of North Yorkshire.

It would buy 1255 speed laser guns at £4000 each for the taxpayer of North Yorkshire.

It would purchase 4183 portable speed matrix signs at £1200 each for the taxpayers of North Yorkshire.

This debate is definitely set to continue!

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