Monday, 15 September 2008

Efficiency Savings - NYCC

In response to my request for information, regarding 'efficiency savings' from 2004 to 2008 within NYCC I received an enormous amount of data from NYCC. So that I publish only accurate information I had to double check the information. Under a 'supplementary question' I asked the
Assistant Director - Projects from NYCC the following enquiry:

Could you confirm that the following savings have been made in NYCC from 04/05 to 07/08?

2004/05 - £5.9m

2005/06 - £6.71m
2006/07 - £8.5m
2007/08 - £9.7m

The reply I received from the Assistant Director was:

The figures you quote are those we returned at the time of the various Gershon returns to Government, and include both cashable and non cashable savings
In practice the Government has "repriced" previous years returns using it's GDP deflator for it's own statistical purposes.
The 2007/08 return I included in the original response shows the official repriced "running total" for the whole period.
This gives an overall figure of £31.573m to the end of 2007/08, of which £16.945m is cashable

So over the period 2004-2008, NYCC has 'saved' on our behalf a total of £31.573m!

That is a lot of money!

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