Sunday, 14 September 2008

Funding for the Police Speed Laser Gun in Bedale

I fully support any initiative that increases road safety in and around Bedale but how this particular initiative is funded is, in my opinion, a matter for the North Yorkshire Police Authority and not Bedale Town Council.

The recent proposal to contribute funding from the Town Council's budget towards the purchase of a police speed laser gun for the local police to use in and around Bedale has certainly aroused controversy and debate at the Town Council.

I also empathize with the emotional debate that was presented by a police officer and a local Town Councillor regarding the urgent need for a police speed laser gun which would, in their opinions, increase road safety within Bedale.

Has this emotional debate been presented to the County Councillors who sit on North Yorkshire Police Authority?

If local Police Officers need a speed laser gun to combat speeding motorists in and around Bedale the question must be asked...why hasn't the North Yorkshire Police Authority supplied funding for one? I would certainly consider this equipment to be 'front-line police' equipment and yet the Town Council is expected to assist or match fund equipment that is primarily the responsibility of North Yorkshire Police Authority.

Would North Yorkshire Police Authority assist Bedale Town Council in its funding of...grass-cutting, Christmas lights, flower displays, children's play area?

If the Town Council agree to pay towards a police laser gun then the local ratepayer will be forking out twice and the money allocated for the speed gun will not be able to be used for local services and amenities.

Our Council Tax includes provision for the cost of running the following Councils and Authorities:

Police Authority
Fire Authority
North Yorkshire County Council
Hambleton District Council
Town/Parish Council

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